3rd Workshop on CRI

Growing-Up Hand in Hand with Robots:

Designing and Evaluating Child-Robot Interaction from a Developmental Perspective


Robots are becoming part of children’s care, entertainment, education, social assistance and therapy. A steadily growing body of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) research shows that child-robot interaction (CRI) holds promises to support children’s development in novel ways.
However, research has shown that technologies that do not take into account children’s needs, abilities, interests, and developmental characteristics may have a limited or even negative impact on their physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and moral development.
As a result, robotic technology that aims to support children via means of social interaction has to take the developmental perspective into consideration.

With this workshop, we aim to bring together researchers to discuss how a developmental perspective might play a role for \textit{smart} and natural interaction between robots and children. We invite participants to share their experiences on the challenges of taking the developmental perspective in CRI, such as long-term sustained interactions in the wild, involving children and other stakeholders in the design process and more. Looking across disciplinary boundaries, we hope to stimulate thought-provoking discussions on epistemology, methods, approaches, techniques, interaction scenarios and design principles focused on supporting children’s development through interaction with robotic technology. Expected outcomes are guidelines and recommendations for the aspiring CRI researcher. Our goal does not only focus on the conception and formulation of the outcomes in the context of the workshop venue but also on their establishment and availability for the HRI community in different forms (i.e. as special issue and as readily accessible resources on our web platform). This workshop is the third of a successful series of workshops focusing on various aspects of CRI research.

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